Chef Tatung’s Azadore: International Grill with Homegrown Flair

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Chef Tatung turns to familial memories of backyard barbecue parties with the new restaurant Azadore in Quezon City. From classic European cuisine to local favorites, Chef Tatung has created an international grill with homegrown flair.

After the successful launch of his private dining restaurant at home and his first fine dining establishment in BGC, celebrity chef and award-winning author Myke ‘Tatung’ Sarthou wastes no time as he prepares to launch another restaurant in Quezon City called Azadore.

Working with his partners from Pandan Asian Café, including renowned interior designer Ivy Almario, Chef Tatung created the concept for Azadore from his childhood memories of his grandparents hosting family gatherings at home where they grilled amazing food for their families and friends. Hence the name of the restaurant, Azadore, which was a playful spin on the word ‘asador’, which means ‘fire pit or grill’ in South American countries, and the word ‘adore’, which means ‘to love or cherish’ in English.

“Cebuanos love grilling, and everyone loves grilling because of the aroma. We take turns manning the grill,” Chef Tatung recalls. “My grandparent’s house in Cebu was built around the 1950s and one of my fondest memories was seeing everyone gathering to share a meal — not just our family, but the extended family as well.”

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